Wondershare Disk Cleaner Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Wondershare Disk Cleaner is an advanced hard drive sweeper. It has a smart and powerful scan engine that identifies junk files precisely without omission or wrong deletion. The easy operation enables you to make your disks clear in no time. You can also customize types of files to include and exclude in scan and deletion. The disk analyzer in Wondershare Disk Cleaner gives details on condition of disk usage, letting you understand your disk assignment and application much better.

1.Steady and Safe Program

Wondershare Disk Cleaner works with a smart search engine as well as good compatibility. It scans for junk files precisely and doesn’t involve other files that are defined as safe ones so that your computer will not crash because of using this program.

Wondershare Disk Cleaner has two powerful functions—Disk Cleaner and Disk Analyzer. The Cleaner clears your disks to save more space, and the analyzer gives details on disk occupancy to help you arrange your files more rationally.

2.Disk Cleaner

2.1Junk Files Scan

The advanced scan engine locates junk files precisely and quickly and then removes them. Junk files refer to temporary Internet files, temporary Windows files, fragmentations, invalid programs and many more others. You can select which hard drive to clean, what type of files to clean—whether to include read-only files, system files, hidden files or 0-byte files, etc, and what kind of extensions to clean—add include and exclude types into filter, as well as exclude folders.

2.2Junk Files Review

When scan is finished, all junk files are listed. The cleaner will give details on files’ properties and let you open these files to check in case you have special use of them.

3.Disk Analyzer

The analyzer shows occupancy distributions for each local drive, giving you a numerical overview of distribution of files. According to the result of analysis, you are able to know what you are going to clean and your cleaning job will not be blindfold.

System Requirements:

50 MB free disk space, 128 MB RAM, Internet access

Wondershare Disk Cleaner Free Download screenshot